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A Smooth Sea Never Made a Skilled Sailor

ship on rough seas
Weight loss - and more importantly, weight maintenance after loss - is never easy.  There are so many approaches to weight loss, many of which are effective if followed diligently.  It requires perseverance and effort to continue to lose weight and keep it off long-term.  For this reason, "quick fix" diets are very ineffective.  If someone eats a certain way then follows a crash diet only to return to their original way of eating, they will most certainly gain back everything they've lost and probably then some.  In order to be successful, weight maintenance requires lasting changes in habit, behaviors, and environment.
Because it does take effort to maintain a healthy weight, every small hiccup along the weight loss journey is something to be appreciated.  There's going to be some discomfort and resistance in changing your habits and making those healthy choices when the unhealthy ones are what you're accustomed to.  A "rough sea" is to be expected!  For those people who drop weight extremely fast just by blindly following a crash diet, we should feel a certain amount of sympathy.  It will be awfully tough to keep up results if they didn't put in much effort to achieve them.  Every hard decision, every "two steps forward, one step back" situation, every compromise made in order to achieve healthy weight loss is a small battle won in the bigger war against obesity.  It's these difficult lessons we learn along the way that make us that much better equipped to fight weight gain in the future.  So appreciate the small daily (or hourly!) victories when you can, because these skills will make you much better prepared to sail the rough seas of maintenance!