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Every Choice You Make Has an End Result

"Every choice you make has an end result." - Zig Ziglar
You all know our scale room well - the very first room you come to during your appointments with Dr. Lyon.  Sometimes we joke and call it the "WaistLines Confessional Booth," especially after a holiday.  So many of us step on the scale and start to rattle off the things we've recently eaten or drank outside of our diet plan: "I had a hamburger and hotdog at my neighborhood picnic, I had a slice of cake at my nephew's birthday party, and I had a glass of wine at my husband's retirement dinner..."  This time of year can be difficult for weight loss because of the relaxed attitude summer tends to inspire.  There are cookouts and parties and vacations around the clock, it seems, and it is difficult to be regimented all the time with temptation constantly asking you to divert from your plan.
When faced with the choice to stray from your plan to have some kind of a special treat, ask yourself if it's worth slowing your weight progress this week.  Not in a negative way, of course, but as a totally serious value question - "will the experience of eating or drinking this item outweight a smaller weight loss amount at my next appointment?"  Sometimes the answer will be yes, and that's something you must decide for yourself.  However, more often the answer will be no - is it worth it to you to waste 300 of your daily calories on some stale cookies at a church picnic?  Probably not.  Would you be totally ok with losing only 3 pounds instead of 4 at your next checkup if you drink a daiquiri from the little beachside cafe you only visit once a year?  Some of us might be.  You know yourself best and what you want most out of life.  Keep your long-term goals in sihgt as often as you can when faced with a temptation outside of your plan.  Try to look one or a few weeks ahead on the calendar; if you know you have an event coming up you look forward to year-round and are budgeting to relax your diet plan for that event, stick to your plan all the more closely at events leading up to it.  Remember not everything can be considered a "special occasion," but truly special situations still call for good judgment!