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Failing to Plan Means Planning to Fail

Planning ahead
"Failing to plan means planning to fail." Alan Lakein first used this adage in the 70s in regard to time management, but it also applies to weight loss.  How can planning help you?  From tossing a shake packet and Blender Bottle in your work bag to packing a cooler full of food for a road trip, planning ahead can keep you from choosing a not-so-healthy option on the go.  Scheduling and setting aside time for exercise - especially in the morning - will insure you get in some kind of physical activity on a day that might end up hectic.  By making good decisions ahead of time, you reduce the burden of having to make difficult decisions later when you are possibly under stress and more likely to make poor choices.  Here are some other ways you can plan ahead for success:
  • Keeping a pair of walking shoes in your car or at your desk at work in case you can fit in some exercise on your lunch break or right after work.
  • Making a big batch of soup or stew and freezing it in small batches.  Plastic Ziploc or Gladware containers are perfect for this type of planning!
  • Cooking a "base" at the beginning of the week to use for several meals.  Bake a large package of chicken breasts at the beginning of the week to eat whole with veggies, shred on top of salads, or dice to snack on.  Sauteed peppers and onions can be used with different proteins in Mexican, Mediterranean, or Asian fare.
  • If meeting friends at a restaurant, search for a menu ahead of time on their website or social media.  Deciding what you will order before you arrive will reduce the temptation of ordering something unhealthier when you're caught up in the moment.