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Love Yourself First

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"Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.  You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world." - Lucille Ball
America's favorite redhead was on to something.  It's easy to let yourself go when you put other people and things first, right?  Think about the occasions when you're more susceptible to weight gain - during the holidays, when you stay busy and on the go, during times of stress - what do thse situations have in common?  They make it difficult for you to devote time and energy to keeping a healthy routine going.
This isn't to say that everyone who gains weight during those situations hates themselves, of course.  Sometimes we feel guilty putting our needs before those of other people, or sometimes we just choose the path of least resistance because we're too tired.  We've all been there!
However, let's use the guilt as an example; if you've been sick and your neighbor stops by with a cheesy carby casserole, you take it because you're gracious for their efforts - turning it down would be rude, right?  However, do you have to eat it?  It might taste good, but think about what your poor body is going through - it doesn't need to process all those carbs and low-nutrient fillers but rather vitamin- and nutrient-dense foods.  The path of least resistance (i.e., just sucking it up and eating the casserole) is easiest, especially in times of stress, but it's usually not the healthiest.  Keep reminding yourself that nothing worth having comes easy.  You have to work at getting and staying healthy, and you have to put up a fight for what your body deserves.
Yo-yo dieting is not fun or effective for anyone.  If tax season has you running in circles at work, sometimes it's all you can do to hit the drive-thru on the way home.  Nevertheless, think of how poorly you feel when you eat high-calorie foods nonstop.  Having the attitude of "I'll get through this hurdle an then work on losing the weight" will only waste time, money, and health.  Treating your body with respect and seeking out healthier options when you can, even if it means taking an extra few minutes, will be well worth it.  Spend a little more time at the present working to maintain your weight loss and keep yourself healthy, and you won't be paying time and money in the future doing damage control to lose the extra weight after the stressful situation is over.