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Poor Excuses

Poor Excuses
We've all come up with some pretty silly excuses over the years for one thing or another (and surely your kids will come up with some gems now that the school year is starting).  Once in awhile, "I forgot" might be a legitimate reason for not completing a homework assignment (legit, but not excusable), but "I forgot" should never be an excuse when it comes to eating right or exercising, nor should "I don't have time."
One of the habits we used to practice in school is time management.  Few of us might have perfected it, but we all had to budget our time to balance homework, extracurricular activities, and social events.  You had to start working on papers and projects in advance if you had any hope of doing a quality job on them and of fitting in fun, too, right?  Well now that we're grown up, we have to be responsible and plan ahead, budgeting our time and resources just as we (hopefully) did in school.  Not only is "the dog ate my homework" usually a lie, it's a cop-out - a poor excuse for not doing your best.  Sure you could argue that you have very little time to exercise or to plan your meals in advance, but you can put more effort into budgeting the time you do have to better improve and maintain your health.
The reason teachers give homework is to keep students practicing the curriculum little by little; keep up with your homework and you're more likely to succeed on the final exam.  Let your homework lapse and you'll be scrambling to catch up at the end of the semester, and we all know cramming won't help you retain knowledge at all!  If you keep up a small amount of effort around the clock to improve your health, before too long that effort will become second nature and will make it easier to keep the weight off.  Not practicing habits little by little makes weight loss more difficult and leads to yo-yo dieting, a frustrating and unhealthy side effect of poor planning and effort.
So as the summer comes to a close and many kids, parents, and teachers get ready to go back to school, remember to "do your homework" and you'll succeed at weight loss: practice good time management habits in order to fit in physical activity when you can, and plan meals ahead so as not to leave healthy food choices up to chance and temptation.