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We Cannot Start Over, but We Can Begin Now, and Make a New Ending

Get a fresh start in January
"We cannot start over, but we can begin now, and make a new ending." - Zig Ziglar
This is the time of year for starting fresh and making those ever-popular New Years' Resolutions.  Each new beginning - regardless of when you choose for it to happen - can lead to an ending that's never been experienced before.  If you're psyching yourself up to start back on the weight loss path again but are feeling discouraged that maybe you've backtracked some, remember that there is no such thing as starting over.  You truly cannot wipe your experiences and past clean and start 100% fresh - and that's a good thing.  Everything you've experienced until now can help you take those next steps that will lead you to success this time.  If this is yet another new year you're resolving to get your health back on track, try to reflect on what happened to your efforts in the past.  Maybe your goals were too vague and didn't have specific, measurable tasks.  Maybe you left too much up to chance and need some practice in planning ahead.  Maybe you let your healthy choices take a backseat to your social activities.  Whatever the reason your resolutions haven't worked out in previous years, use those reasons to make THIS year's resolutions successful.  Reach out to us or search online for suggestions in setting and measuring goals or in planning ahead.  Reach out to friends, family, and coworkers for support in making better decisions in social situations.  Use every resource you have to make past experiences shape your success this year!