FAQs for Prospective Patients

  • How is WaistLines different than other weight loss programs?
    First, this is Dr. Pamela Lyon's only practice, and she is our only practitioner. She is your personal weight loss coach and meets with you one on one during every appointment. She is board certified in Bariatric Medicine by the Obesity Medicine Association and is the longest-practicing board-certified bariatrician in the Midlands. Because WaistLines is a private practice, Dr. Lyon sets the rules. She has no quotas to fill or corporate office to which she answers. She is here for YOU. Dr. Lyon's interests go deeper than just weight loss; she is passionate about uncovering and managing food intolerances and is very experienced in the management of thyroid medication, especially for those patients with stubborn thyroid glands. Dr. Lyon wears many hats during your office visits – physician, counselor, life coach, nutritionist, and friend, to name a few. She knows that weight loss is not as simple as eating less and moving more, and she teaches you the ways to shed pounds now and keep them off for good. Our office family is very small – you see the same familiar faces every time you come, and we try to make the experience as personal and as comfortable as possible.
  • What is bariatric medicine?
    A practitioner of bariatric medicine specializes in weight loss to help patients who are overweight or obese. Board-certified bariatricians are specialists who have undergone extra training to be able to help people lose weight. Furthermore, they must continue their education to maintain their board certification and keep abreast of new research and methods in the field of weight management. Dr. Lyon won't take the place of your regular doctor, but she can manage several aspects of your health related to weight.
  • I exercise a lot – why am I not losing weight?
    Most weight loss occurs through our diet, not our activity. It is a lot easier to lose a pound by avoiding certain foods than it is to exercise off a pound's worth of calories. Exercise is fantastic for overall health and we absolutely encourage it, but weight loss through diet is much more effective in the short term.
  • How can I be sure I’m losing fat and not just water?
    At each of your office visits, we will perform a body composition analysis. This will give us information on not only your weight, but your body fat percentage and fat-free mass. By comparing your data each time, we can monitor your progress and make sure your body fat is changing while your fat free mass (muscle, water, bone, etc.) is staying relatively consistent.
  • Can Dr. Lyon give me pills to help me lose weight?
    While some patients may be using medications to curb hunger or manage their glucose or insulin, there is (unfortunately) no magic pill to make someone lose weight. For more information on the medications we may use during your treatment, please see our medications page.
  • Do I have to use protein supplements?
    For a majority of our patients, protein supplement products (shakes, drinks, soups, snacks, bars, etc.) are a convenient and easy way to make sure they are hitting their diet targets. While some patients are able to navigate their program without their use, they generally do not have as great results as those who do. Rest assured you will not have to use these products forever! They help you achieve your goals quickly, but in addition to using these convenient products, you will also be learning the right foods to choose and the right prep methods to use long-term to keep your weight off.
  • Can Dr. Lyon help me navigate a ketogenic diet?
    Yes! Most of our patients are following a non-ketogenic diet, but we understand that this plan is preferred by some. She can help you determine your target macros and help you develop an eating plan that will work for you. Some of our protein supplements are even keto-friendly, so you would be able to combine our traditional diet plans with a lower-carb/higher-fat regimen. For a good place to start your research, check out www.Ketogenic.com to see if this diet option would work for you.
  • How old does someone have to be to become a patient?
    Except for special circumstances, it is preferred that a patient goes through puberty and reaches their adult stature before beginning this program. There is no maximum age limit, and many of our peri- and post-menopausal as well as elderly patients are surprised that age is not holding back their success!
  • How overweight does someone need to be to come to WaistLines? Do I need to sign a contract?
    There is no minimum or maximum amount to lose – Dr. Lyon has helped patients of all shapes and sizes reach their goals! Also, there is no contract – stay as long as you want or need. Some people may see Dr. Lyon for a few visits to get their momentum going; some people see her every two weeks until their goal is met; some people continue to see her for office visits after they have reached their goal, for added accountability to keep it off. We want this program to work for YOU and be what YOU need it to be.