Weight Loss Medication

Weight Loss Medication

Weight Loss Medication While there is no magic pill to make you quickly and effortlessly lose weight, some medications may be able to help the process in the short term.

Appetite suppressants – what many people refer to as "diet pills" – can help suppress strong hunger. This is particularly useful while your body is adjusting to your new way of eating. Keep in mind that hunger is a natural signal that your body needs fuel; we never want to fully turn that signal off to make you stop eating! However, these medications can take the edge off hunger and let you focus on eating and preparing the right foods in the right way. Depending on a few factors (age, BMI, body fat percentage, blood pressure), you may qualify to take these medications, but they are completely optional. These are controlled substances that are very closely monitored by the DEA and cannot be prescribed by Dr. Lyon without an office visit.

Recently, several new prescription weight loss medications have come on the market. While they have not been studied as long as more traditional appetite suppressant medications, you and Dr. Lyon can discuss their use if you feel you would benefit from any of them. Like with all medications, each one has its own ideal candidates – not every drug is right for every person.

For people who do not qualify for or do not wish to use these drugs, other methods of hunger control are available! We offer some more natural alternatives to the traditional appetite suppressants. Additionally, many people decide not to take any measures to aid in hunger control. You will probably be surprised at the amount of food you'll be eating on your program. By planning your meals and eating with regularity (a difficult task for many people, but we'll help you!), it is very possible that hunger will be a non-issue for you!

For some patients, thyroid medication may be necessary to help regulate their metabolism. Depending on the results of your blood work at your first visit, Dr. Lyon may discuss the use of these medications to make sure your metabolism is as efficient as possible.

Lastly, Dr. Lyon may change or add medications to help regulate your blood glucose or insulin, depending on your lab results.